Living Room | Before

The living room is North West facing, however it is surprisingly bright, partly due to the lovely bay window at the front. It still has hints of some original features, including the chimney breast, bits of coving, a picture rail, and some tatty looking floor boards. However the coving is only present in half of the room and where it is, it has been painted so many times that it has lost all definition. So we are planning to take it out and stat again. This will also allow us to insulate all the walls, which will hopefully make the house a little warmer. We are also planning to take that ‘lovely’ gas fire out and reinstate a more traditional fire surround and wood burner.

As you can see on the left of the first picture the room is a bit of an odd shape. This is because a lobby has been added to allow access into the room next door and the kitchen, behind the living room. However we are planning to extend the house and remove the lobby to restore the room to it’s original shape – nice and rectangular.


Check out the Mis-matched Architrave to the soon to be Removed Lobby


Nice Bright Window to the Front


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