Wall Lights

Our last living room was open plan to the kitchen and dining area of our flat and only had down lights and although they were on a dimmer, they were a bit harsh and one directional. So for our new living room I was adamant that I wanted softer lighting from lots of different sources, so we have opted for a wall light in either recess, a chandelier to the centre of the room and 2 5amp lamp sockets.

After finding lots of inspiration images I had a really good idea of the sort of wall lights I wanted for the living room, however finding something in budget was the difficult part. I thought I had cracked it with the pair below, until Ed called them the ‘dildo’ lights!

The French House Wall Lights

The Dildo Wall Lights

So back to square one I relentlessly started trawling eBay and after some obscure searches found four brass wall lights. I was a bit dubious as to the period of them and whether they would be cheap DIY store hobbies, but thought I would chance it. But it was well worth it – they arrived today and they are gorgeous, heavy, expensive looking wall lights. I’m not sure if they are mid-century as the wiring looks pretty good but they definitely have some age to them.

Our new wall lights

Our new wall lights – They did all come with bulbs!

As I said we did get four, so as long as all goes to plan with the installation of them, then the others will probably find there way on to The Abacus Studio. Now to find a chandelier and lamps!


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