Living Room Chandelier

A couple of weeks back we purchased some lovely brass mid century inspired wall lights and have spent the last couple of weeks trying to search for a chandelier that compliments them to hang in the middle of the room. I love the murano glass chandeliers that The French House sells (like the one below), but unfortunately our budget wouldn’t stretch that far so I have been searching eBay for something similar.


One of the gorgeous Murano chandeliers from The French House, London

And then out of the blue the lady we purchased the wall lights form emailed us to say that she had found two chandeliers that matched the wall lights. Okay, they are not the glass I had in mind but they match the wall lights perfectly and seem like they are the right sort of size (check them out below). So after a little negotiation on price we are now expecting the delivery of the two chandeliers any time soon.


The picture we received of one of the chandeliers – can’t wait to see them hung in the lounge

Not sure what we are going to do with the second one. It may end up in the study although I think Ed has his eye on it for The Abacus Studio. So let us know if your interested.


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