Living Room Update and Paint Colours!

As you can see, Ed has been working really hard and the living room is now really starting to come together. The floor has been insulated and chipboard laid onto to try and keep as much heat in as possible. The fireplace is ready for the hearth and surround to be installed. The woodwork has all been rubbed back ready for the finishing coats. The first fix electrics are all done and the coving is up and ready for it’s final coat.

photo 5

Nearly there…

The room did have a small section of the original coving left. We would have loved to have restored this and filled the gaps, but as with many things that would have meant compromising on something else down the way, so instead we opted to go with a lightweight duropolymer cove from Wickes. I’m actually really impressed with how it turned out, helped by the fact Ed has done an amazing job cutting the joints around the window. (The recess is for the curtains to sit in).

photo 3

The Coving Still Needs Another Coat of Paint but the Joints Look Pretty Good to me!

We are now ready to paint the finally coat on the walls. We want the room to be cosy and have a warm homely feel – the sort of place you want to drink whiskey and listen to jazz! So we are going to go with a dark grey – but what grey?!

photo 1

What Grey!?


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