It Gets Bigger…

Since we are replacing the roof we have decided to convert the loft. This makes things a bit more complicated as it needs to comply to UK building regulations meaning new steel work has had to be installed. We could have worked this around the existing walls, however in order to get a bit more ceiling height we have also elected to drop the ceilings on the first floor. Therefore we have removed all the internal walls on the first floor – the place looks huge!


View towards litle bedroom with the ceiling removed – the remains of the old diving wall can be seen between the two doors


View towards guest bedroom with the ceiling removed


View towards little bedroom and the landing with the wall between the two removed

View towards bedroom 2 with the steel work in

View towards little bedroom with the steel work in

The back is also coming along and the roof in what will eventually be the master bedroom is taking shape. The loft conversion won’t be over this area and we are planning to leave the whole ceiling height and pitched area exposed.

This area will eventually be the master bedroom

The master bedroom roof


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