Finished Fireplace

The fireplace is all stripped and ready to go in, it has taken much longer than expected but well worth it.


The finished fireplace.

I had planned to strip it all with paint stripper, which worked a treat on the first couple of layers. However, as I got through the layers I realised the bottom layers were all heat proof paint and rather than remove it, the stripper turned it to a thick glue like substance, so I had to resort to a set of small wire brushes from Screwfix attached to the end of a drill to slowly work though the layers. But I think it was well worth it, the mouldings really stand out and I was surprised how intricate some of the flowers are… Now we need to decide what colour to paint it. Any ideas? We are thinking a similar colour to Farrow and Ball, Downpipe grey, but I am worried it may look a little like primer.

The before picture of the fireplace can be seen here.


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