Upstairs Update

With the weather being so cold and unpleasant outside the push has really been on to get the walls upstairs all up, insulated and plaster boarded, ready to be decorated.

Here are a few shots of the progress. As you will see we even have radiators and although all the pipework is in, they are a while from being connected up.

Progress in the master bedroom is also going well. The radiators are also in here and the carcasses for all the wardrobes are in, we are now debating what finish doors to go for – I want mirror doors but Ed really isn’t keen. One of our favourite features in here is the door to the ensuite bathroom which we picked up at Sunbury Antiques fair (I must write a separate post on this as we are buying quite a bit there at the moment). It was quite a big door, so rather than hanging it, Ed has trimmed it slightly and spent the last few days meticulously fitting it into a pocket sliding door system – starting to get a taste of what this room might look like now, which is very exciting.


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