Upstairs Update II and Taps

Although the downstairs still looks very much like a building site, things have been moving along nicely upstairs.

Ed has been running lots of pipework (there seems to be miles of it), panelling everything ready to be tiled, fitting mirrored bathroom cabinets and waterproofing the shower in the master ensuite.


Master bedroom ensuite all plumbed in and ready for bathroom fittings

My first job after graduating was at a high end residential design company that always did built in mirrored, bathroom cabinets and although most of the stuff they did made me feel a bit like my soul was melting away, the mirrored cabinets were great as they meant all those go to, but not so beautiful toiletries could be hidden away. However trying to achieve the same look on a much tighter budget was a bit trickier. Rather than having bespoke cabinets made to fit our bathrooms, we have built both bathrooms around Ikea’s Godmorgon mirror cabinets and Ed has carefully fitted them so they will sit flush with the tiles… hopefully!


Master bedroom ensuite shower waterproofing

We were also quite adamant from the beginning that we wanted wall mounted rather than deck mounted taps and a steel bath rather than plastic, but other than that we were quite flexible.


Steel bath, WC toilet cistern and cabinet in the main bathroom

Wall mounted taps are a little bit more complex to install as all the pipework needs to be concealed behind the ply panelling and set out to fit the taps. I am a big advocate of sending a bit more on the things you touch – door handles, taps as they give a home a feeling of quality. I did lots of research online but also wanted to have a good ‘feel’ so I went along to Waterloo Plumbing in Lee. I would def recommend a visit if you are looking for some mid-range sanitary ware. They arent’t a CP Hart, but they have a huge range of brands, lots on display and were really helpful.

We have ended up going with the Hudson Reed Tec Crosshead taps with a plain spout and matching Hudson Reed Tec Pura shower valves. I am also very glad I went for a chat first otherwise I am pretty sure we would have ended up the wrong shower valves and water pressure problems.

For most of the white goods we have gone for a mix of online retailers, which I will cover once there are some pics of them all in – I can’t wait to have a proper shower!




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