Upstairs Update III

It has only been a few days since the last update, however things seemed to have moved on leaps and bounds! My brother has been here all week tiling the master ensuite bathroom. We have decided to tile the whole room so it is easy to keep clean and have used the cheapest 150x150mm white tiles we could find, which we got from Walls and Floors for just under £8 per square meter.


Master ensuite has tiles!

The tiles have been laid brickbond to add a bit of interest and will be grouted with dark grey grout (another thing that is easy to clean). We also have some gorgeous tiles lined up for the floor…


More tiles

The main bathroom is a bit bigger so rather than tiling it all we have opted for a feature wall of reclaimed timber. The timber is some of the floor boards we pulled up before re-boarding all the upstairs floors to level them. It has a lovely aged patina to it and will really shine out against the plain white tiles and plain floor we have picked. I also really like the idea of using something that belonged to the house to decorate with and best of all it was free!


Reclaimed floorboards on the wall in the main bathroom


The bottom of the same wall – I love the hit of green!


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