Main Bathroom

As you can see the bath and mirrored cabinets are in and the wall panelling is complete. The wall and floor tiles are also complete, although they still need grouting.


Bath in and tiling complete

We debated for a while what to do with the bath front as we wanted it to be removable in case of any future leaks, however we also wanted to tile it! So we devised a clever way for the bath panel to overlap the tiled skirting, leaving a gap behind the bath panel so it could be tiled and fixed from behind – all very complicated but works a treat. I covered the wall tiles and timber panelling in a previous post (link here) and the floor tiles are the London, Islington (520mm x 520mm) tiles from Mandarin Stone. I often use Mandarin Stone at work so managed to wangle a bit of a deal and got all the floor and bath panel tiles for just over £100 – Thanks Jamie and Graham!


Feature wall and mirror cabinets


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