Master Bedroom Ensuite

Those gorgeous floor tiles that I mentioned in a previous post (link here) are in! All the tiles have been grouted, the sink and taps have also been plumbed in and the walls are all painted white.


Glimpse of the tiles! Sink and taps are also in!

Our last flat was very simple and safe and from the start of this project we wanted to try and push ourselves a bit. I had seen lots of gorgeous pictures on pinterest of bright encaustic tiles however at around £140 a square meter plus shipping they were a bit out of budget. That was until I came across Best Tile. They seem to deal in end of line encaustic tiles and their costs are closer to £60 a square meter, so although still costly we thought we woudl go for it – the room is pretty small so we didn’t need too many! They are based in Northern Ireland which made me a bit dubious of shipping costs, however it worked out about the same as other tiles we have had shipped and delivery was really quick.


I love them…they were worth the money


Picking colours for the wall

Now we have the tiles in we are trying to match the green in them so we can paint the big wall that the bed will eventually go in front of. I am keen to match it exactly, however Ed thinks that might be a bit much… watch this space. We also have doors inand the skirtings are going on.


Doors in too


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