DIY Concrete Floor

After a big push upstairs, work has finally started downstairs again and the kitchen is starting to take shape. The structural work was finished a while ago but we had to wait for the floor to go in. We were very keen on the idea of a concrete floor but after getting a few quotes we thought we were going to have to write the idea off as it was just too expensive. However we had to have a new slab poured and Ed did a bit of research to see if it would be possible to polish that to get the affect we wanted.

It seemed perfectly possible so Ed spoke to London concrete and arranged a date for them to come round and pour the floor for us. They also came up with a mix for us which contained aggregate with a minimum size of 10mm and fibres added to hold it together. Once it is poured it has to be worked quite quickly, so Ed roped my Dad and my cousin in to be here on the day of the pour and they helped him level, push and power float the concrete before it went off.



The concrete floor after polishing

Then came the waiting game. In order to stop the concrete cracking it has to cure very slowly and not loose moisture too quickly. It was covered with plastic tarpaulin and left for a month… Ed checked it periodically, however he wasn’t really sure what to look for so we mostly just kept our fingers crossed.

After the month the tarpaulin was lifted and we had a dry, very level but quite rough concrete floor that needed to be polished – Ed spent the following week walking around the kitchen with a big hoover like floor polishing machine. Unfortunately I have lost the photos I took during the process, however here are some shots of the floor after polishing. It still needs to be sealed, which will bing the colours and aggregate out a bit more.


View to the garden


View from the garden into the kitchen


Close up showing the aggregate

Now the floor is down Ed has been able to batten the walls ready for the plasterboard to go up and get the stud walls up to form the small utility room which will house our washing machine, tumble dryer, tall freezer and a bit of storage. We have also been able to mark out where the kitchen units will go, so I have been planning our kitchen, which is very exciting as we have spent a long time talking about this room and how we can finally have people round once it is finished..


Masking tape shows the kitchen island and units on the back wall


View into the small utility room


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