Geometric Wallpaper and a 99p Headboard

Bedroom 01 is starting to near completion, so I have been trying to make a decision on the finer details for this room. Before Ed put the coving up we decided to build in a curtain pelmet, and have a ‘wall’ of curtains rather than strips of fabric breaking up the wall or blinds. This meant having to find purse friendly, long curtains… cue Ikea… who have these great velvet esque, Sanela curtains in a bright turquoise. They are tab tops, so won’t fit behind the pelmet as they are they, but they are three meters long, so there is plenty of extra fabric for some header tape to be added… cue Ed’s mum!


Ikea Sanela curtains in turquoise

Another thing I have had ear marked for this room for a while is a teak headboard with built-in bedside cabinets, which I found on eBay for 99p! My parents live about an hour outside of London and one weekend just after we first moved in I thought I would do a quick search on eBay to see if there was anything interesting for sale within 5 miles of them, as we were in need of some storage. I didn’t find any storage but spotted the afore-mentioned headboard with only a few hours left to go on the listing, so I added it to my watch list and a few hours later was the proud new owner of a 99p headboard. I felt a little bad going to pick it up; after all the poor chap had spent time listing it on eBay and had probably expected to get a bit more for it, but he seemed happy it was going to a good home, so that made me feel slightly better (I did give him a pound, but even that was a little embarrassing).


The headboard is currently in storage, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it to post – but I promise to do a full reveal soon, so you won’t have to wait long to see it and there is a little taster below.

So, with the curtains sorted and the headboard purchased I have decided on a bit of a mid-century twist for the room and want some wallpaper that will compliment the look. I have had a couple of samples tapped up on the wall for a week or so and am still struggling to make a decision…


Wallpaper samples 01

Starting from the left, the first sample is Cole and Son, Jungle. The second is Scion, Axis in Sapphire from the Spirit and Soul collection. The last one is Independent Designers, Herringbone from Jane Clayton and the one at the bottom is Farrow and Ball, Tessella.


Wallpaper samples 02

Starting from the left, the first sample is Miss Print, Ditto in Liquorice. The second is Miss Print, Guatemala in Azure. The third is as above. The fourth is Miss Print, Foxglove in Boleyn and the last one is Jocelyn Warner, Cube Star in Mono. Also for reference, the one on the floor which we have discarded is Cole and Son, Hicks Grand.

I am veering towards the last two in the second image, so I have done a quick mock up with a similar headboard (the taster I mentioned), the curtains and the wallpapers.


Mock up with Miss Print, Foxglove in Boleyn


Mock up with Jocelyn Warner, Cube Star in Mono

I will probably leave the final decision to Ed as I like them both, but it would be great to know what you think?


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