Bedroom 1 & ‘Period’ Features

Just a quick update to show the progress that has been made in bedroom 1 at the front of the house. The skirting, coving and ceiling rose are in and it has all painted white while we try and decide what colours to go with. The fireplace is also almost in – we went with Farrow and Ball, downpipe in the end and added a few black and white tiles to the hearth.


Bedroom 1 all painted

We have had to shop around a bit to get what we want but I think we have done a pretty good job adding the period features back when you compare it to what was here before. The coving is from Wickes which I was quite dubious about, but our house isn’t particularly grand and I think it does the trick, so much so that we have used it though out. The ceiling rose was from B&Q – it was actually bought for the living room, however we felt it was too small so have used it here instead.


Victorian Skirting (Image courtesy of Skirting 4U)

We ventured away from the high street for the skirting as we didn’t think a standard ogee or torus profile was fancy enough so after requesting lots of samples we ended up going with the 170mm high, Victorian profile from Skirting 4U. I was a little reluctant to go for MDF but Ed assured me we would get a better finish and it also comes primed so it saved a bit of work. I was also really impressed with their service and would def use them again, although I’m not sure how often you need to buy skirting!


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