The Kitchen has Cupboards

Whilst the decorating upstairs is motoring along, Ed has been working in the kitchen. As you can see lots of the cupboards and some of the appliances are in. It is so nice to see it all starting to take shape. The utility space at the back of the photo is quite tight so Ed has meticulously installed another sliding door, which we decided to paint in blackboard paint so it can serve as a giant blackboard – you can just see it at the back of the picture below.


Wall of cupboards for sink and hob

We have splashed out on the glazing for this room, which I will cover soon and even though we DIY’ed the concrete floor it was still quite costly, so we have opted for a basic white gloss kitchen from Ikea for all the fitted units. For reference we chose the Metod units and Ringhult doors. To compliment this we are hoping to use a reclaimed shop counter we sourced from ebay for the island, reclaimed school science tops which Ed purchased from a contact he made at Sunbury antiques market and some nice bright tiles.


Oven and tall units in front of utility room

We have also decided to leave a bit of the existing brick wall exposed (to the right of the picture below). We have always wanted the work we are doing to have a clear link with the original house and thought this would be a lovely way of making that connection a bit strong. We have had to install a concrete lintel over the door and the cabling for the light switch was already in, so to conceal that we have opted for a jaunty angle thing! This was Ed’s idea and although I was a little dubious, I love the way it accentuates little window, which we are plannign to create a little blackboard out off – see the very quick mock up below, which I created on photoshop to give an idea of what it will eventually look like with the bench and shelves.


Photoshop mock up of the angled plaster and bench

It is so nice to finally see things move along at a pace and although I don’t want to wish the summer away, I can’t wait to see this place finished.


Little bit of the original back wall on show


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