The Kitchen Has Doors

Our biggest extravagance is finally in and for the first time in over a year we are water tight!


Lovely doors and a very messy garden

We were tempted with big bi-folding doors across the back so we could fully open the kitchen to the garden on warm sunny days. However then I spotted the image below in Living Etc and we decided we were better to make a statement that would look good on cold days as well as warm days, but it wasn’t a cheap option. I must have sent 30 emails requesting quotes and after lots of comparing the company that came out the cheapest was West Leigh, this was surprising as they were the only company based in London – which usually means expensive. So with them only being 10 minutes down the road it was a no brainer to go with them.


Steel frame windows as seen in Living Etc.

We decided that since we were spending so much on the windows we would go with their suggested installers, however it has been a little slow – we had expected it to all go in in one day, but there were panels missing on the first day and then when they did turn up there were trims missing, so after three short days rather than one long day, they are nearly done.


One of the missing panels – top right

The slow install has meant Ed has been able to progress a bit further with the kitchen – the fridge is now in and most of the doors are on. He has also been able to template our reclaimed iroko worktop for the long run of units with the hob and sink.


Cupboard doors on


Templating the sink and hob


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