Antique Rugs and High Street Cushions

Whilst Ed is busy finishing the kitchen cupboards I have been looking at soft furnishings – the fun bit. To give a bit of warmth to the kitchen floor we are planning to add a rug under the table (which we don’t have yet).


Kitchen rug idea (Image from Milk Decoration)

We want something a bit worn that we don’t have to worry about, so I have resorted to trusty eBay and come across a seller in North London – SAntique-one who has heaps of second hand and antique rugs. We are looking for quite a long thin rug (approximately: 4m x 1.5m), which has whittled down the selection quite a bit and I am now down to two which fit the bill. However they are quite different, so I have done two very quick mood boards, with the cushions I am planning to buy to help us decide.


Option 01 – Traditional rug


Option 02 – Kilim rug

Originally I was very keen on the kilim style rug as I though the contemporary style went well with the kitchen, however after looking at a few images, we have decided to go with the more traditional style one. It also seems it would be less likely to show the dirt due to the variation in the background colour. So it has been purchased for the princely sum of £175 including delivery and should be with us in the next week or so.

In the meantime I have been along to H and M Home who have a great selection, that won’t break the bank, to purchase some cushions covers for our built-in bench that will serve as seating one side of the table.


Dark green velvet cushion from H&M


Black and white woven cushion from H&M

I also have my eye on a few more that will hopefully compliment the rug and a blanket we picked up a couple of years ago in Lisbon. Hopefully it won’t be long till we can have them all out.


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