Kitchen Deadline met!

One of the things hidden in the kitchen cupboards is a projector, which projects onto the big blank wall on the other side of the room. This was a little bit of a luxury, but we had set aside some money to buy tickets for the 2015 Rugby World Cup and when we didn’t get any in the draw, we thought we would purchase a projector so we could at least watch the game on a big screen without having to wrangle for a good spot at the pub.

So back in August we sent out an invite to friends for the opening game, this meant the kitchen had to be semi-finished and the projector up and running and this is how it looked Friday morning… pretty good I think!


Kitchen is getting there

We did have a bit of a tidy up (including dusting the bin) and there is still quite a bit that we need to do; including the kitchen island, a dining table and matching lightbulbs but we are getting there and it most definitely looks like a kitchen now. I will do a bit of run down on suppliers when I have better pics.


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