Reclaimed Kitchen Island | Part I

As you may have spotted in my last post on the kitchen, we have been using our old table as an island unit, however we have a solution lined up for this – an old shop counter. I have mentioned my love for Retrouvius before and they do the reclaimed kitchen island ‘thing’ amazingly well. Check out the images below for a idea of what I am talking about.


Kitchen island in a Cambridge home (Image courtesy of Retrouvius)


Kitchen island in a canal side home (Image courtesy of Retrouvius)

I don’t want to do a big reveal yet, but here are a few sneak peaks of the unit we are planning to use.


Front panelling and skirting of the unit


Curved corner of unit


End panel and drawers to unit

We actually purchased the unit way back in February 2013 for another house we were hoping to buy – before we bought this house, we had an offer accepted on another house about a mile away. All was progressing well, till the bank refused to mortgage on the property and we had to pull out a week before exchange, leaving us with a kitchen island and a hefty solicitors bill! Ed is planning to strip the unit this week and hopefully it will be installed very soon.


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