Say ‘Hi’ to Pip

As some of you may know we got two cats shortly after we moved into the house – Percy and George. While we were doing the noisiest, dustiest work we decided it would be best for both of them to go and stay with my parent’s, however after a few weeks George disappeared and despite a few initial sightings, lots of looking and over a 1000 leaflets and posters, we haven’t had any luck finding him. That was well over a year ago and although George could never be replaced, we have been thinking for a while about getting a new cat.

Whilst we were looking for George I was put in touch with an amazing lady called Ros who runs a small cat rescue called Stepping Stone Rescue. I dropped her a message to say that we were thinking of getting a new cat but had concerns about how Percy might react. She got back to me really quickly with some great advice and mentioned that she might have some kittens arriving in a few days that could be suitable. After the exchange of a few messages I arranged to go meet them and ended up coming away with Pip… As soon as Ros opened the kittens cage, he literally jumped into my arms and purred incessantly, so it was impossible to leave him behind!


Pip is the one in the middle

We have had him for a couple of weeks now and although it was touch an go to begin with, Percy seems to have accepted him and he absolutely loves his new big brother – following him everywhere and cuddling up to him whenever he can. Percy has also started to groom him, so all in all it seems to be going well.


Cat love


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