Hall and Hooks

  • We didn’t have much storage in our last flat, so it was one thing we really wanted to get in to this house and although we have and under-stairs cupboard and some eaves storage up in the loft, we wanted something that was a bit more accessible on and everyday basis. So by pushing the cupboards in the utility room (which is the other side of this wall) forward slightly, we have managed to create a recess in the hall to hang coats and bags on with a few shelves for shoes below.


    Storage recess with hooks and shelves

    To make them a bit more durable and less likely to show the dirt we have topped the shelves with some left over parquet (we have about another square meter left, which we have some plans for in the downstairs WC). We also painted the back of the recess to match the colour we have used on the landing to tie it all together.

    Whilst looking for hooks I came across The Zoo Collection, a Dutch company that have a series of animal head coat hooks designed by Jorine Oosterhoff. They don’t supply directly to UK customers so I ordered them online from Amara. I love the element of fun that they add – especially the elephant which is my favourite.


    The Zoo Collection coat hooks available from Amara

    As you can see from the top picture we still need door handles, but we are definitely getting there. The picture also has glimpses of some of the furniture we have been buying for the living room, which I will cover soon.

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