Man of Art | Kitchen Table

The kitchen table has been a bit of a tricky one to try and decide on. We wanted something big enough to seat 8/10 people and looking around most tables this size were quite traditional, so not really our style. This left us with looking for something bespoke, but even then we couldn’t really find what we were looking for, most probably because we didn’t really know what we wanted. That was until Ed came across Man of Art.

Based in Yorkshire they supply reclaimed iron bases and legs from grain sorting machines and farm machinery as well as bespoke hairpin table bases and a few other reclaimed bits and bobs. They can also supply custom made tops, however we had some reclaimed iroko left from the kitchen worktops so decided to use that instead.


Oak floorboard top on bespoke hair pin legs (Image courtesy of Man of Art)


Henry Bamford and Sons iron base (Image courtesy of Man of Art)

At the time of emailing they only had the below base in stock; it took a bit of imagination to see what was under all the rust, but Steve at Man of Art assured us it would look great once it had been shot blasted and lacquered, so we went for it and a week or so later our table base turned up, looking much less rusty.


Our base prior to shot blasting and lacquering (Image courtesy of Man of Art)

Ed has spent today making a bespoke frame to hold the iroko top, which you can just see a glimpse of at the left of the picture, plus our rug which I covered here and some recent purchases of ours from Lincolnshire antiques and home show which I will try to cover soon.


Our reclaimed Bamford and Sons iron base and bespoke top



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