Fencing Goals

Just before we bought our house the vendors knocked the top off the garden wall, we still aren’t sure why but assume it was because it was wobbly (wobbly wall not okay, no wall fine).  As we are the corner house, this meant anyone walking past could see straight into our garden. So we erected a couple of old fence panels that we were given and they have been there pretty much ever since. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but they are hideous – there was a reason we were given them! So I have been coveting a new fence for a long time, a new slatted, black fence at that!


Slatted black fence (Image courtesy of Sofi Sykfont for Ikea)

During the many hours I spend on Pinterest I came across the below image of a garden in Highgate by The Landscape Architect and loved the way the black fence contrasted against the lush greenery and old bricks. To be honest the whole garden is gorgeous – If you are looking for inspiration, you can check it out here – serious garden goals.


Chetwynd Road Garden (Image courtesy of The Landscape Architect)


Serious garden goals (Image courtesy of The Landscape Architect)

I naively thought a slatted fence might be a cheap option, after all, you only need half the timber… but it seems it isn’t!? We had a look at pre-made panels and both soft and hardwood timbers designed for such fences, but have decided to go with roofing battens, as this seems to be the cheapest way. They are slightly wonky and vary quite a bit in colour but since they are being stained black that shouldn’t matter too much… I hope!

Ed wanted to pre-stain them all in one batch, so this weekend whilst visiting my parents he set up a production line and got to staining them. There is now a mountain of them ready to go up (the picture below is about a third of them, mid stain) so hopefully it won’t be too long till we have a new black fence.


Ed’s staining production line!


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