First BBQ in a Few Years

Although our patio was laid at the end of last year, it was too late in the year for us to use it, but this weekend the weather was glorious so we decided to have our first BBQ. However before that could take place we needed to drive across London to pick up a garden table which Ed had picked up for a steal, from a private seller on eBay.

Ed had planned to go and collect it in his van, however a heavy night on Saturday meant he didn’t really feel up to driving so we went in the car. We did measure the car before we went and were convinced it would fit easily as the legs were detachable, however when we got there I thought we might be driving home to pick up the van! Luckily that wasn’t required and a few hours later we were home with a new table and some lovely steaks.



Our new garden table, complete with fence and planting


Since the last update the garden walls have been painted white (although we are considering going a bit darker as they seem to get quite grubby), the fascia above the doors has had its first coat and the fence has been installed. We have also added some plants, including a Photinia red robin to climb up the old brick wall, some ferns for ground coverage and a few pots – that is mint next to the BBQ and a glimpse of a strawberry plant bottom right.


Artfully placed tongs and a glass of wine!

The BBQ still needs a steel liner but some left over rope edging from the front garden was the perfect stand in! Now we have the sleeker finishes, such as the black fence and slate patio in the garden, I am so glad we kept the brick wall, as it gives it all a bit more of an authentic edge, even if it is a bit wonky.

The next job is to start tidying the kitchen!


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