The Front Garden | Big Reveal

The weather finally dried up and my brother came back to grout the front path that he laid a while back. So, at the weekend we went along to the garden centre to buy some plants. Neither of us are very green fingered, so we took my Mum along to help us pick plants that would be suitable for our north-west facing front garden.


The front garden all finished

We ended up going for some privet balls to break up the slate in front of each bay window. A rhododendron tree in the centre, with a rosemary hedge at the front and some marguerite (which looks like daisies) and lavender bushes along the side of the path, which will hopefully give off a lovely scent as guests walk up to the front door.


Lavender and marguerite bushes along the path


Rhododendron tree set in rope edging

As you can also see, although the guttering needs finishing off Ed has painted the mouldings above all the windows. I think the intricate mouldings above the bay windows, which Ed spent ages stripping, look particularly good. You can also get a glimpse of how the new bricks at the side are starting to mellow a bit, however it does high light the re-pointing that is required to the corner of the house – for some reasons the previous owners had it re-pointed in yellow mortar, rather than grey, like the front of the house. However since the mortar is in good condition and it seem silly to strip it out just for aesthetic reasons, when there is still quite a bit we would like to do inside the house. The front wall also needs a good clean – but that is a simple job, which we will definitely do soon.


The front wall will be cleaned soon

I woudl love to know what you think of the front garden and the path, especially our amateur planting, so please feel free to comment below.



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