Uuni 2 | Desktop Pizza Oven

Ed does all the cooking in our house and had our garden been big enough he would have loved a full size pizza oven, however he has found the next best thing… It is what can only be described as a desktop pizza oven.


Heating the oven up

It is and Uuni 2S oven and comes complete with its own flue, little legs to stop it burning the surface it is sighted on and a carry back so it can be easily transported. It takes wood pellets which are fed through the little spout at the back and can reach up to 932 degrees farenheit in just 10 minutes and cook a single pizza in 60 seconds.

I was a bit sceptical about its claims but I can confirm they are all true and best of all it does great pizza and even better hanger steaks. It also fits perfectly next to the BBQ – which still needs a liner.


Ready to pop the pizza in

At around £200 it wasn’t cheap, but compared to the cost of building a pizza oven it is a bargain and we haven’t had to sacrifice any of our garden as we can pack it away and store it under the stairs.


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