How a Pendant Lamp became a Map

One of my favourite vintage shops is Junk Deluxe in Margate. Benjamin and Hayley source most of their stock directly from Europe, have lots of really unusual pieces and best of all their stock is really well priced. Margate is pretty far for us to travel, but luckily they upload lots of their stock on to their website and Instagram and offer free storage for up to 6 months. Their stock does sell pretty fast, so you have to keep an eye on their feed, particularly after they get back from a sourcing trip, but that is all part of the fun of buying vintage!


German bubbled glass pendant (image courtesy of Junk Deluxe)

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a gorgeous German bubbled glass pendant and thought it would be perfect, hung in the corner of our living room. So, I dropped Benjamin a message on Instagram and purchased it. I was desperate for it to be delivered so I asked for it to be posted. Unfortunately that was not such a good idea… It got lost on the way to my office and despite being well packaged, it arrived in quite a few more pieces than I had hoped.


The pendant arrived in quite a few pieces!

Usually when things arrived damaged it is just a case of dropping the seller an email, asking them to send a replacement and hoping it goes a bit better the second time. However as the pendant was vintage, there wasn’t a replacement available, so that wasn’t possible. I was genuinely upset about this, which thinking about it is a bit ridiculous, as it is a pendant… but it was so beautiful!

Benjamin was amazing and offered a full refund within half an hour of me emailing him, however within that half an hour I had managed to spot a huge map on his website that I thought would be perfect for the little bedroom, which Ed is using as a gym, so we negotiated a bit of a deal and the map has just arrived. This time all in one piece, hopefully Ed will hang it soon.


The big map for the small bedroom (Image courtesy of Junk Deluxe)



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