Flat Iron Square & The Switch House

It was gloriously sunny this morning so Ed and I decided to head out and ended up at the newly opened Flat Iron Square by the time we got there the sun had disappeared but we had some gorgeous Thai food from Ekachai and a tasty homemade soda from The Bar in Arch 34.


The Bar in Arch 34


The Entrance to Flat Iron Square

We then headed along the river to see the extension at the Tate Modern – The Switch House.  We had been meaning to go for a while and it great to see the iconic brickwork close up. The restored tanks were also pretty impressive, if only for their sheer scale.

Most of the artwork was installation based and some of it was very immersive and impressive, such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s, Primative 2009, a series of nine videos filmed in the border town of Nabua, in northeast Thailand, which portray the town as an elusive, ghostly place with themes reaching back to Thai folklore.

Much of the work was quite difficult to capture on camera as it was about experience but I have included a couple of shots of sculptural pieces which caught my eye.


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