The Mirror Hunt is Finally Over

For anyone that follows me on Instagram, you will have seen that we finally have a mirror for the living room! I have been on the hunt for a mirror (or mirrors) for the living room mantle piece since we completed the room for the first time back in March 2014, so this is a big achievement.


Example of foxing to a mirror (Image courtesy of Retro Living)

I had been searching for something vintage as I wanted the glass to have that beautiful foxing around the edges that comes with age. Granted you can buy this look and I enquired with a great glass supplier I know called Tony Sandles, however once we added transport costs it just wasn’t economical. The mirror also had to be quite tall (at least a meter) to fill the space above the fireplace. Lots of my favourite vintage shops had pieces but at over £500, they weren’t an option for us.


Sellers image (courtesy of reviv1)

I started to think outside the box a bit and do some random eBay searches and came across a few vintage mirrors that had come from dressing tables and fell for the idea of having three mirrors rather than one to fill the space. That is when I came across three gorgeous mirrors from reviv1, that had just the right amount of foxing and a super arched top, so I went ahead and purchased for £145. The seller was amazingly helpful in organising an evening delivery for us and just a few days later it is up on our mantle piece.

Our new mirror in all its glory on our marble fireplace

Our new mirror in all its glory

Although there are still quite a few projects I have in mind for this room including tackling the curtains. The room now finally feels finished – It is amazing how much one piece can bring a room to life.

For anyone wondering about the bits on our mantle piece I thought I would do a little run down of the pieces. From left to right:
Cream and grey plant pot – Botany Shop | Green plant pot – Chatuchak market, Bangkok | Brass based hurricane votive holders –  Holly’s House | Vintage Holmegaard Otto Brauer smoked grey Gulvase – from 2&4 Gallery.


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