Winter Ready with The Luxury Wood Company

We have kept our wood burner stocked for the last few winters with wood off cuts from the building work and logs from my parents. However that supply has now dwindled so we have had to resort to buying wood. Ed did some research into the sort of wood we needed and came to the conclusion that kiln dried, ash was the way forward.

Ash is widely regarded as a good wood for stoves as it is readily available, burns with a low smoke emission and a good flame pattern, which provides plenty of heat. To ensure it burnt well we went for kiln dried wood. Ideally you want your wood to have a moisture content of less than 20%, this is difficult to monitor if wood is left out in the open to dry, so kiln dried wood is put into a kiln or heated chamber to ensure the moisture content is below 20%, this means it should burn at a slower rate with less smoke.

We worked out we needed about half a crate – approximately one cubic meter to last us through the winter and I set to researching companies that could supply it. We are always keen to buy locally so started my search on a local forum and google, however the prices didn’t seem to be that competitive, so I cast my net a bit further and came across The Luxury Wood Company. I have to admit the name did put me off slightly, as it sounded expensive, but once I compared the costs they were actually cheaper. I contacted them to see if the could deliver on Friday when I was working from home and they got back to me straight away to confirm that would be fine, so I went ahead and we had our first delivery on Friday.

Logs stacked up outside the front door of our Victorian London terrace

Wood stacked in the porch

The wood turned up around mid-day, it arrived on a pallet so was left outside the gate for us to stack neatly. We have a small log store in the garden, which Ed built, but it was only big enough for about a fifth of the delivery, so we have stacked the rest in the porch – hopefully people won’t decide to help themselves!

Stacked logs in the porch of our Victorian house

We can just about get in the front door…

Stacked logs from the Luxury Wood company

More wood!

As well as logs we ordered some kindling and were also sent a free ‘wood burners pack’ as part of a promotion, this included some extra kindling, fire lighters, a chimney sweeping log and two long nose gas lighters, so we are well and truly ready for winter.

Basket of logs and kindling next to our woodburner

logs, kindling and pine cones – the essentials!

Since I took these pictures we have lit the fire a couple of times and have been really impressed with the logs, which have burnt really slowly, with very little smoke. It is also great to have traditional looking logs in our basket (which was another Sunbury antiques market find) rather than scraggy looking off cuts.

Also, note the pine cones – these make great fire lighters and look lovely and wintry in your fire basket.

So, if you are looking for logs to keep you warm during the winter, or just want a pretty looking fire basket 🙂 I would most definitely recommend checking out The Luxury Wood company.

Basket of logs, kindling and pine cones next to our Victorian fireplace

Our basket is all stocked for winter.


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