House of Hackney

Last Saturday Ed was out all day at a fish preparation course, so I headed over to East London for a bit of a girly day and started the trip over at House of Hackney’s annual Christmas Sample sale.

I love the over the top nature of House of Hackney’s prints and have been eyeing a few for our living room. Ideally I would love a pair of curtains to really add a wow factor to the room, however our bay window would need 14 linear meters of fabric, which would work out at just over £1150 in fabric, plus the cost of lining material and having the curtains made up. So, in short – way out of our price range.

Instead, I hoped to be able to pick up a few off cuts that I could make some cushions up with. Originally I had my eye on their Palmeral or Limerence cotton linen, however when I saw it in the flesh I thought the background may be a bit too blue for the lounge.

House of Hackney showroom in London

Limerance wallpaper and upholstery fabric

I then spotted some green velvet which was the exact colour of our sofa, so with that in hand I had a look at the other fabrics. After a bit of hunting I came across a 1.5×1.4m piece of their Poppium print, which was a great match tot he green velvet and the black background and cream flowers would perfectly compliment the Matt Manson cushions I brought a few weeks back. So I was sold, granted it still wasn’t cheap at £65, but I should be able to get two cushions out of it and have a little left for another project. I also purchased the green velvet at £15, to make a couple more cushions out of.

House of Hackney fabric, Matt Manson cushion and green velvet

Poppium and olive green velvet with our new Matt Manson cushion

The sample sale was held just around the corner from House of Hackney’s flagship showroom on Hackney Road, so while I was in the area I popped along to have a browse and took a few snaps; to give an idea of the sheer opulence of their showroom.

To top of the day I headed over to Barber and Parlour for a light lunch and then headed upstairs to their Cheeky salon for a pedicure – you can’t get much more girly than that, can you?


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