Junk Deluxe Goodies

This weekend we decided to have a pre-Christmas weekend away, to spend a bit of time together before all the festive parties kick-off and Christmas is upon us. We started our weekend with a trip to one of my favourite Vintage shops – Junk Deluxe in Margate to collect some bits which I have purchased over the past few months.


Some of the treats in the courtyard at Junk Deluxe

I have posted about the shop before and absolutely love the variety of quirky stock that they manage to source. Their stock changes so quickly and they are very good at updating their website and Instagram. Although you do have to keep a close eye on both, as some pieces go almost instantly. Below is a picture of some great Belgian clay faces which I missed recently. They would have been perfect as bookends in the living room.

I did however manage to nab the two black and white planters at the front of the image above and added one of the blue ones to the order for good measure. As well as a great brass lamp and side table for the living room and some amazing vintage butchers hooks for the kitchen, which are over two meters long.

Of course I couldn’t resist having a look around while we were there and after almost purchasing some deer antlers and stools, I spotted a gorgeous Venini style glass chandelier. Although we don’t need a chandelier I just couldn’t resist it, so that was boxed up for us to take away as well… now I just need to decide where to put it, perhaps the living room… or maybe the study…


The Venini style chandelier we purchased in the showroom

As you can see from the photo below we left with quite a haul (and the hooks aren’t even in the picture). However with the exception of the chandelier, everything has a new home earmarked for it. We spent the rest of the weekend a bit further in land around the Kent village of Sissinghurst, indulging in good food and wine and going on some long walks in the crisp December sun, for good measure – check out my Instagram feed for some pictures.


All our boxes ready to be unpacked

When we got home yesterday evening, I was keen to unpack all our boxes and below is a picture of the lamp and side table in its new home. I often think we need a new, slightly deeper, more comfortable sofa for the living room, but every time I see against shiny brass I realise how much I love the slightly tatty, aged green velvet, so perhaps we just need a few more cushions… I better get sewing!


The side table and lamp in place


Lamp base detail


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