Master Bedroom | Wall Hooks

After a couple of days of debating where to put the hooks from Junk Deluxe we decided to put them in the bedroom. When we purchased them we had intended for them to go on the kitchen splash back for mugs and cloths, but once we saw the size of the hooks we were worried they may look a bit cluttered and prove to be not all that useful.

Reclaimed butchers hooks from Junk Deluxe in our Master bedroom

The hooks up on our bedroom wall

So we opted for the bedroom where they would give Ed somewhere to hang his clothes (which inevitably end up on the floor) and me somewhere to hang my hats and scarves that are usually stuffed in the bottom of my wardrobe. They also provide a nice home for one of the photos from our engagement shoot, which Ed gave me as a Birthday present back in July.

Reclaimed butchers hooks from Junk Deluxe, Margate (Image from Junk Deluxe)

Original sales image of the hooks (Image courtesy of Junk Deluxe)

Despite thinking we were finished last year, I feel it is the little bits like these hooks that are really helping the house feel like a home. Pictures next… Although with Christmas they may have to wait till January.


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