Christmas Tree Controversy

We have been a bit controversial with our Christmas tree this year… When we were house hunting one of the things I really wanted was a bay window for our Christmas tree and last year our first Christmas tree took pride of place in our living room bay window. However to do this we had to sacrifice an arm-chair in the living room for the Christmas period. This was fine last year, but this year we have 8 for dinner on 28th December, so the loss of one armchair in our living room which only has 5 seats could be a bit of a disaster. So we opted to put it in the kitchen…

Our Christmas tree in the kitchen

Our Christmas tree in the kitchen

Just like last year we bought our tree from The Christmas Forest, which have a temporary store at Streatham and Marlborough cricket club on the border of East Dulwich and Forest Hill. As well as selling great quality trees and being really helpful, they work with a charity called Tree Aid, who plant a tree in the Sahel region of Africa for every Christmas tree they sell. The planting of these trees helps families feed and support themselves, not only through the food the trees produce but also by the sale of tree products, such as nuts, fruit and shea butter. So it was nice to feel our tree made a bit of a difference.

I have also put quite a bit of thought into our wrapping this year and after stalking Pinterest (you can check out my Christmas board here), I went with a brown paper, white ribbon, string and foliage theme. Here are a few sneak peaks…

We are spending Christmas up in Oxfordshire with Ed’s Dad and his wife and then having a second Christmas on 28th December with my parents and Ed’s Mum and her husband, so hopefully the foliage will last! Happy Christmas everyone x


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