Reflections on 2016

For many 2016 has been a bit of a sh*tter, it has certainly been full of political turmoil and world events are concerning to say the least, but personally we have achieved so much that I can’t help but look forward to the future and be thankful for the year we have had. So in the spirit of New Years Eve, I thought I would round-up my top 5 moments…Actually 6… I couldn’t get it down to 5!

Our House became a Home

Although the house was pretty much finished last year and we felt a massive sense of achievement as 2015 closed, it was this year that it really became a home. Pictures and curtains started to go up, cushions and plants were purchased and our little trinkets all started to be unpacked, but most importantly the house started to get some feeling –  it was this year that our home really started to feel warm and loved.

The House at The Junction | Victorian marble  fireplace with log burner

The fireplace in our Living room


My Big Birthday

This year was a big milestone age wise for me too and we marked the occasion with a lovely trip to Amsterdam to celebrate. Whilst I’m most certainly not ‘old’, I was a bit apprehensive that I might not be quite so happy at getting ‘older’ – I have vivid memories of a very ‘together’ friend having a mini breakdown on her same birthday. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I spent most of my teens and twenties worrying about everything, particularly how others perceived me, but as I get older I am definitely becoming more comfortable with myself. I guess having a home helps in the feeling like I have got my sh*t together, but I genuinely feel more comfortable and happy with who I am, as I grow older. Bring on the next decade…

Cocktails at Lotti's bar at The Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam

Cocktails to celebrate my Birthday


Pip Settled In and Became ‘Our’ Cat

The end of 2015 saw us acquire Pip the softest, most affection, scatty cat anyone could wish for. It took our other cat Percy a while to get used to him, but they now seem to have their routine worked out – Pip has his chair, Percy has his and the bed is both of theirs! It sounds silly but when we acquired Pip we were most concerned about how Percy would react (especially as I grew up with two cats that hated each other) and it was a little touch and go, but 2016 has cemented that we made the right choice with Pip, it also helps that he is adorable.

The House at The Junction | Percy and Pip

Pip and Percy confirming that the bed is both of theirs


Our Wedding

This was the best moment of all… After 10 years together and one mammoth house renovation we finally tied the knot. Whilst the day was about formally committing to one another, it was amazing to celebrate with all those nearest and dearest to us. Sorry to get really gushy but all the clichés are true – It really was the best day! There really isn’t much more to say than that, except I am one lucky girl!

Our Wedding | Dress - La Sposa at Emma Elizabeth | Bolero - Shelia Harding at Boa Boutique | Flowers - Joanne Truby Floral Design | Suit - Jack Bunneys | Photography - Ruby Roux Photography |

I loved everything about it!


Our Honeymoon

Despite raining for half the time, Italy was the perfect was to round off our wedding – luxury hotels, amazing food and wine, beautiful sights and no stress. Neither of us are very good at sitting on a beach, so we hired a car and drove from Naples to Positano for a couple of nights, then on to Matera – a beautiful, etherial town where the heel of Italy meets the sole. We rambled through the streets for two days, heading back to the hotel for a nap when the rain got too much and then headed right to the south of Puglia for four nights, before heading to a charming masseria just outside Ostuni for the last three nights.

We opted to stay in Europe for our honeymoon, so that we didn’t feel we had to cram lots of sights in – with it being so close we felt we could go back if we missed something and this was the perfect choice. It gave us lots of time to reflect on the wedding and just enjoy being together – a perfect honeymoon.

Monopoli harbour on the last day of our honeymoon

Monopoli harbour on the last day of our honeymoon


The Blog and My New Hobbies  

After the wedding I wanted something to sink my teeth into, I was hoping this might be yoga, so tried to up my class attendance and although I love going and always feel rejuvenated, I just didn’t feel passionate about it. So I started to think about what I really enjoy and I realised two things:

  1. One of the things I enjoyed most about planning our wedding was reading all the blogs and magazines.
  2. The other thing I really loved was flowers.

In anticipation of my impending wedding blues Ed booked me a floristry course at Jam Jar Flowers (which I finally wrote about this morning) and I loved it, so much so that I did another wreath making course and have been back to New Covent Garden Flower Market a few times for my own projects, such as the garland I made for our Christmas table. It is lovely to have a creative outlet that has nothing to do with my job and also something that I can read about and learn from!

Then there is this blog; although I started it a while back, it has been the last few months that I have really got into it. I have tried to add as many post dated articles as I can about how we got the house to its current state and am really enjoying adding new items. I have a few ideas for how to grow the blog next year, but would also love any feedback on what you have read already and what you would like to see more of, so please do leave me a comment if you have any feedback as I really enjoy having this outlet.

The House at the Junction | Christmas door wreath created at Hannah Berry Workshop

The result of my new hobby!


There were of course stresses and a few arguments along the way, but looking back these are the stand out moments for me. Hopefully world events will become more settled and everyone can look back next year with just as much positivity… Bring on 2017!


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