Guest Bedroom Reveal… Sort of!

When I started this blog I always imagined it would culminate in a big reveal of each room and that would be it, but as I am slowly learning as our house becomes our home – It will never be finished as it is always evolving to suit our needs, mood and our ever-expanding artwork and cookware collection!

However I thought it was about time I started to photograph some of the rooms, so you at least had an idea of what they looked like without tools strewn all over them and wires hanging out of the wall. I have also been spending quite a bit of time on Instagram and thought it would be a great way to practice my photography skills, so here goes.

Guest Bedroom Reveal | Austinsuite wardrobe and restored fireplace

Restored fireplace in all its glory

I covered the thinking behind the scheme for this room – mainly the wallpaper and curtains back in August 2015 and if you have been reading for a while you will recognise the fireplace as the one I painstakingly stripped and restored. If you didn’t see it and are interested in what it looked like before, you can check it our here. The flowers on the front frieze turned out so much more delicate that I thought they would and knowing how much work went into it, makes it all that bit more special.

The House at The Junction | Restored Victorian Fireplace

Three little piglets from Ed’s Nanna on the fireplace I restored

The three little piglets on top of the fireplace are actually salt sellers that were given to us a while ago by Ed’s Nanna. She’d had them for a very long time, but knows how much we love furniture from the mid-century era and kindly gave them to us when we moved into our last flat. Don’t they look cute? I love how they are all slightly different.

The House at The Junction | Ikea Sanela curtains, handmade lampshade and midcentury furniture and artwork

View into the room from the door

To tie the room together I wanted a lampshade to match the Ikea, Sanela curtains. Unfortunately Ikea didn’t have anything so purchased a drum making lampshade kit online and used the fabric that was cut off the bottom of the curtains to make one. The kit was surprisingly easy to use, although my top tip would be to buy the diffuser as it not only gives out a nicer light but also conceals any messy edges!

The House at The Junction | Restored Victorian fireplace and midcentury furniture

View towards the fireplace

As well as the piglets we have quite a few mid-century accessories in this room, including some great Fat Lava vases. The larger one on the fireplace came from Sunbury Antiques market at Kempton and the smaller one came from Junk Deluxe in Margate, which is also where we got the great little Dutch wall shelves above the rocking chair – if you are looking for something similar they always seem to have a great selection which range from about £40-£80.

The rocking chair itself was one of Ed’s finds when he was running his mid century furniture business and with this room in mind we decided to keep it. If you look closely you can see the little indent on the sheepskin, where Pip (the little cat) loves to have an afternoon nap.

The House at The Junction | Midcentury wall shelves from Junk Deluxe

Mid-century wall shelves from Junk Deluxe

Although we don’t read that much, I insist on keeping every book we have ever completed – If it is so terrible we can’t finish it, then it can go to the local Charity bookshop. In a very ‘designery’ way I have sadly colour coded the books for this room to pick up on the colours in the artwork over the fireplace, but hopefully it isn’t too coordinated.

The House at The Junction | Mid century artwork from Lincolnshire antiques fair

Artwork over the fireplace

In keeping with the other finds in the room, we picked the painting over the fireplace up from Lincolnshire Antiques and Home Show. It was an absolutely horrid day and despite the long drive we decided leave around lunchtime as we couldn’t take the driving rain anymore, however just before we left we spotted a whole stack of paintings, one of which was this one. The vendor did tell us all about its history and who it was by, but I have completely forgotten and as it is unsigned, it may forever be a mystery.

The House at The Junction | Austinsuite wardrobe and restored fireplace

Austinsuite tambour door wardrobe – Another mid-century piece!

The wardrobe was another eBay purchase. I spotted a similar one a few years ago at an antiques fair and loved how the door was made up of tiny strips of wood that slid seamlessly into a compartment at the side when opened (it is called a tambour door if you are looking for something similar) . However at the time we didn’t have a home for it, so it was never purchased. Then whilst hunting eBay for a wardrobe for this room I cam across this one and at £80 we had to have it. One of the great things about it, it that it comes apart, so it was really easy to get up out windy staircase. The ceilings in this room are pretty high, so the wardrobe looks a little low, but I think finding something to put on top of it, should solve the problem – I am thinking some woven black storage boxes, as you can never have enough storage!

The House at The Junction | Jocelyn Warner wallpaper

Jocelyn Warner wallpaper

Deciding what wallpaper to go for was a long journey, which I covered here. I am so pleased we decided to go with this Jocelyn Warner wallpaper in the end, it is much fresher than the other papers we looked at and sits really well with the artwork. It also means we can add slightly more quirky accessories without it looking too busy. This post is also the reveal of the infamous 99p headboard! I am so sorry it has taken so long.

The House at The Junction | Midcentury headboard, Mac lamp and Jocelyn Warner wallpaper

99p headboard, Mac lamp and Jocelyn Warner wallpaper

We still have a list of things we want to do to this room (hence the ‘sort of’ in the title), including a mirror to go between the door and the wardrobe – this is currently a blank white wall, some bedside lighting – the Mac lamp is a temporary solution and a few more accessories for the bedside tables. But I like the way it is shaping up.

I would love to know what you think, so please leave a comment if you have any thoughts.

Piglets – Vintage from Ed’s Nanna | Curtains – Sanela range from Ikea | Lampshade – Kit from Dannells | Vases – Vintage form Sunbury Antiques and Junk Deluxe | Wall Shelves – Vintage from Junk Deluxe | Picture – Vintage from Lincolnshire Antiques and Home Show | Wallpaper – Cube Star in Mono from Jocelyn Warner | Headboard – Vintage from eBay | Wardrobe – Vintage Austinsuite from eBay | Bedding – John Lewis Croft Collection Baby Seersucker.


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