Deciding What to Frame for our Walls

Over the Christmas holidays we had quite a few days at home and decided to tackle a few of the jobs we had been putting off for a while; one of those was deciding which pictures to get framed. We have hung most of our larger pictures, including an original oil painting of Embassy Court in Brighton by Natalie Martin, which my parents bought for me as a house warming present when I moved into my first flat.

Detail of the Natalie Martin painting in our hall

Detail of the Natalie Martin painting in our hall

However we still had quite a bit left, including an oil painting of an old man, which Ed purchased on eBay for a few pounds, a black and white photo my mum took in Morocco in the early 1980’s and a collection of 12 prints which we purchased from a specialist mid-century auction, at WH Peacock a few years ago, for £40 (we hadn’t intended to buy them but they were going cheap we couldn’t resist). We had earmarked them for the hall and bedroom, but there were too many, so I had to decide which ones were worth using. In order to do this I laid them all out on the table to get an idea of which ones worked best together.

Laying out some of our artwork on the kitchen table including photos, etchings and an oil painting

Laying out some of our artwork on the kitchen table

Etchings, monochrome prints and an oil painting

Detail of some of the pictures

There wasn’t really any tricks to it, it was just a process of trial an error, but I eventually got it down to 6 of the prints, plus the photo and oil painting. Three of the prints were slightly unusual proportions so I decided to take them to our local picture framers, to have them mounted and framed. The other prints however were more of a conventional size and fitted some frames we bought at a car boot sale a couple of years ago, so I framed those myself. The frames were a mix of dark timber and gold, however to make them a bit more contemporary Ed sprayed the gold ones matt black.

Framing some smaller pictures

Matt black frames

Framing some smaller pictures

Framing some smaller pictures

I also decided to frame some small fern leaves which I had pressed in the autumn, a couple of our wedding photos and two of my favourite poems, which I wrote out on an old typewriter we have and mounted in card. I also mounted the photos in card and had them printed quite small to really draw attention to the image.

A monochrome print, wedding photo and pressed fern leaves framed for the bedroom

A few pictures for the bedroom

We are still waiting for the larger prints to come back from the pictures framers, but for now here is a sneak peek of one of our wedding pictures and one of the smaller prints, which we have hung over one of the bedside cabinets in our bedroom. To compliment the artwork, I added a wire art panel which we had in the living area of our last flat, but originally purchased from Habitat. Unfortunately they don’t do it any longer but they do a similar one called Trellis, which is currently on sale for £30.

A sneak peak of the pictures in the bedroom

Pictures hung in the bedroom

Habitat Trellis Artwork

Trellis wall art from Habitat

I am hoping to collect the prints from the framers next week, so once they are up I will do a full reveal of how the pictures in the hall look. Plus I am hoping to photograph some of the other artwork in our house once I have purchased my new camera, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I would also love to know what you think of the bits I have framed so far, so please feel free to leave a comment.


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