Reclaimed Kitchen Island | Part II… Finally

As some of you may remember I posted about our kitchen Island ages ago (here). Ed’s work on the kitchen island didn’t go quite to plan and although it has been installed for a while it has taken me ages to post an update… But here goes.

The reclaimed kitchen island in all it's glory!

The reclaimed kitchen island in all it’s glory!

The original plan was to leave the timber as it was but replace the top with marble or stone to give a more durable finish. However when Ed took the top off, the unit sort of collapsed! As a result he decided that rather than just put it back together, he would repair the unit a bit more extensively; levelling the previously wonky top, strengthening the drawers so we could put heavy pans in them and repairing the end which looked like it had been added at a later date.

Although this made the unit much more useable, it suddenly looked very ‘new’ in places. So we took a bold decision and decided to stain it black. I love it but would love to know what do you think?

The original panelled front to the kitchen island

The original panelled front to the kitchen island

We were originally considering a white carrara or arabescato marble to compliment the timber, however as it was so much darker than planned, we opted for a leathered grey granite. This is the same as most granite kitchen worktops, but rather than being polished it is pulled from the production process slightly earlier, leaving it with a matt, textured surface. I hear so many people say they hate granite as it always shows finger prints and dirt, but like most natural materials it just depends on the way it has been treated and a honed or leather surface is much more forgiving.

Leathered granite top

Leathered granite top

We also added some new pewter cup handles as the old ones were the wrong side of vintage for my liking. Saying that though we didn’t want anything to ‘new’ looking so the aged look of these ribbed brushed steel cup handles from Wells Reclamation offered the perfect solution.

We have now had the island for over a year and absolutely love it. It has heaps of much needed storage and the leathered surface just needs a wipe down with a damp cloth and dries with not a streak or watermark in sight.

View of the replacement end - which matches the other end now

View of the replacement end – which matches the other end now

I also love the fact that if we were ever to move we could take the island with us as it isn’t fixed down… win for us and win for the house!


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