Our New Picture Wall

You may remember that over the Christmas break I framed up some small pictures and took a couple of prints to our local picture framers (you can see more here). The pictures came back from the framers much quicker than expected and I was really pleased with the results – if anyone is looking for a picture framers in South London, I can throughly recommend Brockwell Art in Herne Hill. They were great really knowledgeable and very patient when it came to me picking the perfect shade of white for the mount!

However we weren’t quite so speedy in hanging the pictures, but they are finally up…

The pictures on the landing including the Moroccan photo from the eighties

The pictures on the landing including the Moroccan photo from the eighties

We hung one of the larger auction prints from the picture framers on the green wall going up the stairs, along with the photo my mum took back in the early eighties in Morocco, a small handmade paper print which I framed up and a tourist postcard we picked up in Vietnam, that complimented the green of the wall perfectly.

Picture wall in the hall with framed etchings, pressed fern leaves and an oil painting found on eBay

Picture wall in the hall

Most of the other pictures were hung on the wall adjacent the front door in the hall, including the other pictures from the framers and the little fern leaves I pressed. You may also recognise the oil painting of the old man, which was looking a bit tatty when we laid all the pictures out over Christmas. In order to hang it, it need a bit of work, so I followed a few simple steps to get it ready:

  1. I purchased a blank canvas which was slightly smaller than the painting and painted the canvas black to match the background of the picture.
  2. I then trimmed the painting using a very sharp scalpel, so that it was just a few millimetres smaller than the canvas.
  3. Once it was all trimmed I checked it against the canvas and then spray mounted the picture to the canvas.
  4. Where I had trimmed the painting there were some white edges visible, so using a small brush and some more black paint I made a few touch ups… and voila… the painting was ready to hang.

It is so nice to finally have some pictures up on what was a very blank wall, however I think it still needs a few additions and have a few ideas. I purchased some Indian printing blocks at Sunbury Antiques Market a couple of weeks ago and think one of them would look great to the top right hand corner of the canvas.

Wall mounted ceramic wallscape planters from West Elm

Some additions I am eyeing up for the hall (Image courtesy of West Elm)

I also have my eye on the above wall mounted planters from West Elm, which can be found here. I think a pair of the black ones would look great with some trailing plants just below the canvas, however we are trying to save some money for a holiday at the moment, so they may have to wait… although they are on sale and we aren’t very good at saving, so they may make an appearance soon… watch this space.


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