West Elm and Blogtacular

One of my New Years resolutions was to really try to grow my space here! So next week I will be attending Blogtacular 2017; a conference dedicated to the creative blogging world. The whole conference kicks off with a party at West Elm’s store on Tottenham Court Road and West Elm are also offering one lucky attendee the chance to win a room makeover and styling advice from their in store team… I know… Amazing!

Whilst a room makeover from any brand would be great, the fact that West Elm are offering it is even better. As most of you know I love anything vintage or mid-century, however there are some things that I prefer to be new, such as bedding, tableware and soft furnishings – moths are no fun, I can tell you! Queue West Elm which fits perfectly with this style. Just check out their Delphine sideboard which I think perfectly sums up my style and you will see what I mean – elegant brass details, dark wood and contrasting marble top… gorgeous! It is also shares it’s name with my Nan, so extra brownie points.

The Delphine sideboard from West Elm

The Delphine sideboard from West Elm

I have also recently become more aware of the impact the products we consume have; not only on the environment, but the people and communities that make them, so am trying to make more informed decisions on what I buy and where it comes from. I will cover this more in-depth soon as I have been made aware of some great charities out there that are doing really good work, but West Elm are doing their bit, with a couple of great initiatives, including:

  • Encouraging supply chain transparency
  • Developing workplace programmes to build skills in the communities that make some of their products – in Haiti where their papier-mâché products are made, they have developed workplace programs that teach basic and financial literacy.
  • Developing a ‘green label’ – products with this label are either organic, recycled, rapidly renewable, non-toxic, reclaimed or responsibly produced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials.
  • A great in-store programme of events for local makers to promote their skills and products through in store with workshops and pop up stalls.

So, what room would I pick? I think it would have to be our guest bedroom in the loft. I posted a while ago about the tidy up I gave it, but that was just a stop-gap and compared to the rest of the house, it just isn’t very comfortable or inviting and with a couple of BBQ’s on the horizon it would be lovely for people to feel that we had made an effort with somewhere for them to stay – a luxurious but relaxed hotel bedroom is the look I would like to achieve!

View towards the bed in our loft room

View towards the bed in our loft room

There have also been a couple of developments since the tidy up that have made it even less inviting:

  • The first is the bedside tables – we had hoped to use the two perched on the floor in the image above, however they need to be fixed to the wall and the battens behind the wall are in the wrong place, so they can’t be fitted.
  • The cushions that we were basing the room around have been commandeered to the lounge – they are so comfy!
  • The throw which came from Dubai is just to heavy to sleep under and as a result it always ends up on the floor, which isn’t good as the beads are delicate.
  • If we have guests we have to move the chair from here down to the kitchen and back again, which isn’t fun up two flights of stairs.

We have also had a few settlement cracks form and as a result the whole space needs redecorating and wining this prize would be a great incentive to just get on with it.

View from the bed towards the door and the ensuite bathroom

View from the bed towards the door and the ensuite bathroom

Now over to West Elm to help me create this space… I thought about just scrolling their website, picking out the bits I liked and collating them and whilst I’m sure that would have been really easy (there is so much great stuff), I was concerned it might ended up looking a bit like their website rather than our home. So instead I worked the way I usually do when designing and set up a mood board.

Inspiration for the loft guest bedroom

Inspiration for the loft guest bedroom

I started by looking at hotel guest bedrooms to get a feel for the type of space I wanted to create and then looked at colour palettes. Eventually opting for monochromatic palette with hints of pale pink and yellow, as I am loving that combo at the moment and think it is particularly warm and inviting – just the right feel for guests. However I didn’t want it to feel to feminine so added a hit of dark teal green, which will also compliment any timber in the space.

It was also important to consider the things I still like about the room that will stay, including:

  • The grey, sisal flooring which is super hard-wearing and still in great condition.
  • The blackout blind – the light floods through the roof window so this is essential.
  • The G-Plan chest of drawers we picked up at Sunbury antiques market.
  • The white fat lava lamp, which also came from Sunbury antiques market, although it does need a shade.
  • Any scheme will also have to work with the flooring in the en-suite bathroom which is quite a statement.

Once I had the look set and a list of things that would be staying I made a mental list of the pieces I felt were essential to make the room work:

  • Bedside tables
  • A lamp – so there could be one each side of the bed
  • A chair so we can keep the existing one in the kitchen
  • Some new bedding – the current bedding saw me through uni and us both through one house renovation and three kittens!
  • Scatter cushions for the bed and chair
  • Some form of headboard
  • Accessories to make the space feel more homely

So with all this in mind, I created a second mood board based on the pieces that would help create the luxurious, relaxed space we crave to create.

West Elm mood board

West Elm mood board

First up would be a pair of the acorn mid-century bedside tables (top centre) which match the existing chest of the drawers in the room really well, are large enough for all the bedtime essentials and have some really handy drawers. They are also made with sustainably sourced FSC certified timber which is a real plus point for my conscience.

In terms of accessorising these, I would use the existing fat lava lamp on one, whilst on the other I would go for the industrial task table lamp in black and antique brass (top left) plus one of the small speckled texture vase (top right) to tie the mismatched lamps together and provide somewhere for a posey of flowers, as I think it is always to have a few fresh flowers when guests arrive.

Whilst browsing West Elm I spotted the luna chair (bottom left) which in teal would be absolutely perfect to replace our kitchen chair and provide guests with the perfect spot to sit / put a bag / throw their clothes – we all do it!

Now on to the most important part… The bed. To add some real luxury I would opt for their Belgian flax linen melange (bottom centre) which has a beautiful texture and will hopefully keep the ironing to a minimum as I think it looks great with a few creases.

No room in our house would be complete without a little bit of DIY, so rather than opt for a traditional headboard and inspired by an image on my mood board, from the Old Stocks Inn in Stow-on-the-Wold I would like to try to make up some leather straps to fit a couple of Belgian flax pillowcases and hang them from the West Elm mid-century wooden rod curtain pole. The fillers for the pillowcases would need to be synthetic to stop all the filling falling to the bottom, but I think it could work…

Headboard inspiration from The Old Stocks Inn

Headboard inspiration from The Old Stocks Inn

To finish it all off I would opt for a few scatter cushions, including the beaded triangle prism cushion (bottom right) which has some lovely pale pink beading and the silk hand loomed cushion covers (top left) in black and horseradish which are handcrafted in India by a women’s livelihood project, another great initiative.

The final decision for the room would be what colour to paint it and I really can’t decided between keeping it white with a green feature wall behind the bed, or opting for a soft pink throughout the room – is that too bold? Perhaps that is something the in store team could help with if I was lucky enough to win.

Of course this is all just a ‘what if’ as competition for this prize is going to be extremely fierce, but fingers crossed as it would be amazing to have a little sanctuary for guests to stay in over the summer! Also, keep an eye on my Instagram stories next weekend and I will keep you posted on how things go…


2 thoughts on “West Elm and Blogtacular

  1. Your design looks fabulous! Fingers crossed for putting it into action 😃 I’m at the west elm party on Friday night (& Blogtacular Saturday), I’ve a feeling I’ll be making a few purchases too (I’ve neve been to their store before)

    • Thanks so much, I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Really looking forward to next weekend, if you haven’t been to West Elm you are in for a real treat… so many gorgeous bits in store that aren’t on their website! See you Friday x

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