Soho Home at Liberty

Liberty has to be my favourite department store in London and although lots of their ranges are way out of my price range, I love having a browse around the floors and looking for inspiration in their ever-changing collections. Back when I visited the Rockett St George collection in its closing weeks I promised myself I wouldn’t leave it so long before visiting their next collection, so I could get something up on the blog while it was still fresh and new.

I think I could stay here... The Soho Home collection at Liberty

I think I could stay here!

Whilst I kept my first promise and visited Soho Home, the interiors collection from Soho House in its first few days, the second, like so often happens with blogging has proved harder to keep… but here is a sneak peek of the Soho Home collection.

Nick Jones, founder of Soho House said “We started Soho Home because members always ask us where they can buy the things they see in the Houses. So we created a range to bring the House home, from the Chesterfield sofa you sit on at Soho House Chicago to the Barwell crystal you drink your Negroni from at 76 Dean Street.” The collection blends seamlessly with the beautiful architecture of Liberty and as a result walking around the pop up space on the fourth floor of Liberty is a bit like walking around a room of one of the Houses, except everything is for sale.

Artwork and books of the Soho Home collection at Liberty

Artwork and books of the Soho Home collection at Liberty

For anyone that knows the Soho House brand well, you will know that found pieces and antiques are synonymous with the look, however the collection only includes new pieces so unfortunately it isn’t a one stop shop to getting the look. However it includes a carefully curated collection of tableware, textiles and accessories, so is a good way to adding the little details if that is the look you are after.

Soho Home collection at Liberty

Soho Home collection at Liberty

In terms of personal highlights, I absolutely loved a little room just to the left of the main stairs which housed lots of hand-made kitchen paraphernalia and tableware from the Country House collection. The room itself has a great vaulted ceiling and rows of leaded light windows to two sides, so natural light streamed in, beautifully highlighting the natural tones of the hand-made ceramics and the illustrious hand blown glass, which was all seamlessly curated to sit against the beamed walls and patinated timber of Liberty itself.

I also adored a gorgeous little bright yellow, velvet sofa which sat elegantly against a painted dark wall – very on trend! I have since discovered it is the Spoon sofa in Cumin Mohair which retails for £2,650, so not cheap but very inspirational… much like the whole collection!

Spoon sofa in cumin mohair at Soho Home at Liberty

Loving the Spoon sofa in cumin mohair against that wall

So if you have a spare half an hour or so I would definitely recommend a little trip to Liberty and although you may not come away with boxes of stuff, it is a great place to get some inspiration and if that isn’t enough it is also a great place to pick up Soho Home’s two books; Eat Drink Nap and Morning Noon Night for even more tips and tricks on getting the look.



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