About Us

Hello and welcome to the House at The Junction!

My name is Emma and I am an interior designer, living and working in London. In May 2013 my husband; Ed and I bought a house in South East London, which we now share with our two cats; Percy and Pip.

Having lived in North London since I graduated, moving south of the river was a big step! But we held our breath as we stayed on the train past Blackfriars and after various false starts with a couple of other properties, we finally got the keys to our house – The house at the Junction… Or as it was then; a warren of rooms with no front door!

We had lofty ambitions for the house (including adding a front door), but our budget was pretty tight compared to the amount of work needed so we had to do a lot of the work ourselves and I started this blog as a way to chart our progress and decisions. Despite my day-to-day job this is not intended be a masterclass, just a reflection of our style and the ups and downs of renovating what will hopefully be our home for a very long time.

Now the house is ‘finished’ I also hope to add a few posts on the things we enjoy and how we like to spend our time. A hint of which can be seen on my Instagram page.

Thanks for reading!


Romantic shot of us! Courtesy of Ruby Roux Photography

If you have a question, any comments or just want to say ‘hi’, please feel free to contact me by email: TheHouseAtTheJunction@gmail.com.

I do try my best to give credit to all reproduced content. However if you see an image that is incorrectly referenced or you would prefer for it to be removed, please let me know.